1) Introduction to PS Query

In peoplesoft PS Query is used as an reporting tool. It is graphical User Interbased (GUI) tool used to create queries that can be used for many purpose.
We can develop only select statement not update, insert, delete with PS Query.


2) Advantages of PS Query:


  • It is used in crystal report.
  • It is used in PSnvision report.
  • It is used in XML publisher.
  • It is used in peoplesoft workflow.
  • It's output will be in rows and column.
  • we can export the data in Excel sheet.


3) Types of PS Query


We have four types of PS Query as follows:


  • USer query
  • Role query
  • Process query
  • Archive query


4) Types of select statements in writing PS Query:


  • Simple select statement
  • Select with distinct statement
  • Select with order by
  • Group by
  • Joins


5) Access of PS Query


We can access PS Query by two ways:


1) With application designer

2) With peoplesoft internet architecture (pia)


Peoplesoft ps query using application designer