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Either we solve the issue/error or do complete installation else we don't charge at all and recommend further support to some third party freelancing / outsourcing company and or our partner as required keeping clinet cost is not affected not his service and delivery. 

When customers make a decision to buy products or services, they consider the after-sales technical support that is available to help resolve any issues that may arise in the future. A customer buying any computer software or web based application want assurance that help is available in case the product doesn't work optimally and as desired.

Customers may also need technical support through any medium. We are here to provide Installation and troubleshooting support for oracle products like PeopleSoft, ORMB, Retail, Fusion, OTM, EBS, Agile PLM, SIEBEL, Primevera, demantra, etc.

An ongoing Business understands how important it is to address customer concerns and solve issues quickly. Today, with an increasing number of Independent Software Vendors outsourcing remote support services is essential. We are group of working professional with high end experience and specialized in ERP products as mentioned below:

Our hourly charges are decided by CLIENT and we provide professionals to work with that....Providing them an Opportunity to EARN something extra.....

A client should come happily and be with us happily. We are not doing any kind of business not at all.....We provide opportunity and maintain relationship with surely good clients who understand us and we understand them to the fullest which gets us just a step ahead of doing business. We want to do something BIGGER than BUSINESS......!!

  • PeopleSoft
  • Fusion
  • Retail
  • ORMB
  • OTM
  • Primavera
  • Agile PLM
  • Demantra

Remote IT support is provided to customers who has proper license of product if using product commercial.

If using trial version license or demo version please specify in mail. This is strict policy of our without that we don’t proceed to next stage of support.

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All fields are Manadatory – We keep your DATA confidential and do no marketing as per our strict policy.